About Pemeïco – EN

Stefaan De Coninck


Since 2009, I’m working as an IT-consultant for different companies. What stroke me every time, was the stress and the pressure that the employees were facing.

I started very young with meditation. For me, it was the way to create a positive approach of life.

For me, meditation is the key for happier people, and so for happier employees.

I followed the ACEM Meditation course and the Alexander Concept training in the Netherlands.

What I certainly learned during the passed years, is that everyone gets a different result out of meditation. For me, it was a personal and intentional choice to get a better understanding of myself.

Those who want to experience all the benefits of meditation after one single session will be deceived. Repetition and structure are the secrets of a successful meditation session.

Welcome at Pemeïco.

Stefaan De Coninck