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Mediterende werknemerIt is written everywhere: the physical and mental health of employees is under pressure.

Stress, boredom, pressure to perform, work environment, family life. It are all elements that exhaust your employees physically and mentally.

The energy level of your employees is dropping. Causing absenteeism, depressions and burn-outs.

More than that: in the long term, your company results also drop.


Meditation in the workplace

That’s why Pemeïco organizes in company meditation sessions. Before or after work, or during the lunch break.

No floaty business but happier employees. That’s the purpose of meditation. After all, different studies prove that meditation improves the concentration and reduces the stress. And then we are just naming a few benefits.


Meditation: a win-win situation

You will be offering the meditation sessions for free at your company, open to all the employees. They will be offering a piece of their free time in order to meditate.

As a result, your employees will feel and perform better. And when your employees are performing better, you will notice that your company results improve.



Pemeïco organizes meditation sessions at your company, in the workplace. The best thing to do is to enquire the employees about the preferred timeslot of such a session.

Then we plan a series of sessions, because 1 session isn’t enough to produce results. Meditation is a tool, not a miracle cure.


Guided meditation?

Meditation can perfectly being done by oneself. But it is not always easy to escape the daily grind to find a time for meditation. That’s why we are working by the groups’ motivation.


No meditation room available?

No big room available? You prefer the meditation sessions to take place on a neutral location? Together, PemeÏco will look for a location nearby the company.


How does a meditation session look like?

The structure of each meditation session is almost the same, because structure also brings rest.

  1. Your employees start with a short stretching, allowing those having a sedentary profession to limber up the stiff muscles.
  2. Then they learn to breath deeply and focused in order to relax.
  3. With the eyes closed, they will oversee their entire body. A mental body scan from the little toe until the tip of their nose.
  4. The next step is a visual meditation: Stefaan will accompany them in a specific story or a concentration meditation allowing your employees to focus on one single mental or physical object.
  5. Closing the session with a soft stretching.


Duration of a meditation?

One hour. Before or after work, or during lunch break.


Meditation in sport outfits?

Not necessary, comfortable clothing will do.




60.000. So many thoughts are flashing daily through our minds. When living fast, this kind of thinking makes a lot of noise. At home, at work or while relaxing. By meditating, your employees are exercising their mental condition. Result? Improved concentration, reduced stress, improved creativity and clearly thinking. But meditation also has other benefits. Let’s put the 10 most important in a row.


  1. Your employees think better
    Studies prove that meditation stimulates the brain functions and makes them working at the highest level. One of the reasons that top managers often meditate.
  2. Your employees get a better sleep
    More than that: they need less sleep because a meditation session refreshes body and spirit and keeps them youthful.
  3. Your employees have a more positive attitude
    Meditation allows a mental and emotional health. Your employees are less tense, less depressive, slow to anger or grief.
  4. Your employees have a better immune system.
    Meditation offers a lower hart beat, a better blood flow and an improved immune system. Your employees are physically a lot more resistant and less often sick.
  5. Your employees get more self-esteem
    Meditation increases concentration, creativity and self-esteem.
  6. Your employees are more intelligent
    Meditation increases the communication between the two brain parts and improves the general intelligence.
  7. Your employees are more satisfied about their job.
    Meditation improves the social behaviour and the relations with the colleagues and increases the job satisfaction.
  8. Your employees stop more often with smoking or drinking
    Meditation supports people that want to quit smoking, drinking or other addictions.
  9. Your employees will listen better
    Meditation improves the listening and the empathic ability.
  10. Your employees are well-balanced
    Meditation enables the complete balance of body, spirit and aim.



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